Solar power solutions

ener-G-friend Launch

Betta Lights launched in November 2013, after more than 24 months of intense research and development, the innovative ener-G-friend off grid power supply solution for laptop & tablet computers as well as inkjet printers to be used anywhere and anytime. The product can be used for off grid offices, small and medium entrepreneurs offices with un-reliable grid power, students, field engineers, e-schooling projects for off grid schools, campers, standby power pack for laptop/tablet computers and inkjet printers, Point OF Sale devices off grid or on grid. All the key components are developed by Betta Lights to withstand extreme warm temperatures of up to 65 degrees C without shutting down or serious longevity effects. The solutions “DC to DC” converter has got an average of 93% efficiency rate and the Betta solar charge controller has got an efficiency rate of 96%; meaning that a large part of the hard gained energy generated are reserved and not lost. The solution is modular with various sizes and models available to be configured on the client’s needs. 

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