Solar power solutions

Solar Décor Pathway LED light


A cost effective, off-grid reliable, and integrated solar lighting 

solution for lighting of pathways with a soft light to create a relaxed atmosphere at lodges, guesthouses, camps, cabins, parking areas and gates. The light delivers light for the whole night, every night and switches “on and off” automatically at dusk and dawn. The system can withstand temperatures of up to 65 degrees C without failing. 




Simple installation


Technical Information

System Element




7.2 Ah 12 Volt, Lead Crystal Battery

Battery operating temperature -40 to +650 Celsius, charging fast, usability of 100% of capacity, and very low self-discharge rate. Expected life of the battery is 7 years, depending on the usage profile.

Energy consumption stored in battery: 4 days of energy usage


Galvanized and powder coated

Height to solar panel 3.2 m

Height of light head 2.3 m

Solar panels

2 x 6Watt PV

12Watt 12Volt

Panel replenishes one days of energy usage in 1.75 full sun hours

Power pack enclosure / pole mounting box

Galvanized steel and powder coated

House battery and solar charge controller.

300mm (h) x 200mm(w)

Ventilated, with square plate to bolt onto concrete base with 4 x bolts.

Solar Charge Controller

Betta MPPT controller

12 volt universal MPPT charge controller, managing the energy and charging the battery.System voltage is 12 volt. Panel watt is12 watt. Open circuit protection without battery or load. Over temperature protection. When temperatures of up to 650 C are reached, the unit shuts all operational functions down, and monitors the situation. When the temperature drops, full functionality resumes, with no loss of data or settings. When the lead crystal battery temperature reaches its rated temperature of 650 C, the charger stops charging to prevent a thermal runaway of the battery.LED status indicators indicate when the unit is charging, and what the battery status is (100% full, in the top third, middle third and bottom third).The charge controller has full MPPT functionality, and has an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96.9%, as measured by energy output from the controller, vs. energy input into the controller.

Protection modes:

a.        Overcharge protection.

b.        Low voltage disconnects and reconnects.

c.        Reverse polarity protection from panel and to battery.

d.        Reverse current protection.


LED bulb

1.3 watt Betta LED bulb, with a 1,300 lumen output.

Fasteners, cables and plugs


Plug and play solution, pre-prepped with structure, light fitting, bulb, battery, cabling, solar charge controller to allow for easy on-site installation

Light bulb cover

White or clear

UV resistant


Color of solution




For projects the color can be changed to requirement and logos can be incorporated on the power box

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