Solar power solutions


Our Mission 

Our mission is to support the process of poverty alleviation and  contributing to help reduce the Earth’s excessive CO2 levels by developing, supplying and supporting niche, robust solar solutions. Betta Lights  endeavour to ensure a better life with a  sustainable future for rural-poor communities.

Company Background 
Betta Lights was founded in South Africa to develop niche solar solutions.
In the foreseeable future the electricity grids in Africa will not reach all rural villages. The p poor in Africa are denied  the privilege of efficient and affordable lighting. 

Lighting is an absolute  essential necessity for children to study by,  and so doing, develop into economically independent adults  thus  building  a better future.

Currently these communities use fuel based lighting, paraffin and candles.  Inhabitants inhale toxic gasses, whilst fires are common , leaving people homeless, burnt and emotionally  and physically scarred for life. 

Betta Lights Mainstream Solutions

The “Betta.Life.Light”was specifically developed to deliver affordable lighting to poor and rural communities. 

The solution illuminates a typical rural house of 40-60 square meters. The” Betta.Life.Light”  is a DIY solution, consisting of a solar panel, a standard set of commercial 6 volt lead crystal batteries, a controller  unit, 5x LED ceiling lights, with an integrated  cell phone charger and all the installation and fastening  materials. 

Betta 144 
Rural villages,  industry and government  concerns,  share a common requirement-  the need for external area and perimeter lighting. To accommodate and meet this, ”the" Betta.144 security light”  was developed. 

The Betta 144 is a 144 LED external solar powered  security light system, supplying effective  terrain lighting. The Betta.144 security light has anti theft / tampering system elements and allows for  environ-mental factors like hail, wind, temperature fluctuations and corrosion. 

The Betta.144 is supplied as a Single or dual Light  solution.

Prison-Cell Solar Lights 
The” Prison-Cell Solar light” is a focused member of our product range. It supplies effective lighting in prison cells which  cannot be destroyed by inmates, nor can it be  used to hurt  inmates. The ”Prison – Cell Solar light” switches on/off automatically at dusk and dawn.

Betta Lights  suppliers  are ISO9000 certified ,  and guarantee the quality of our solutions.

The Betta.Solar.Street.Light   is designed for off-grid street lights,  parking areas at shopping centers and head offices.  The Solar Street Light  design is based on the same technical building blocks used  the Betta.144 industrial security light solution which has proven itself as stable, robust and flexible.

Our Betta.Solar.Street.Light is  a cost effective, robust and flexible so as  to accommodate the  various requirements of  our clients.

 These systems are designed and configured on a client per client basis , using Global weather and irradiation charts  and proprietary calculation software to support the technical veracity of the configuration, thus  ensuring up time.
The Betta Solar Street Lights  have  the following configuration: 2 x solar panels, 2 x battery boxes and 4 x LED lights connected to the bracket system.

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