Solar power solutions


Our Mission 

It is our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, supply and support high quality and robust solar solutions which specifically support initiatives for poverty alleviation and for the reduction of our Earth’s excessive CO2 levels.

Our products therefore consist of a complete set of niche solar power solutions, contributing to a better life and a sustainable future for poor and mostly rural communities.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world", Nelson Mandela 

The above quote from our beloved Nelson Mandela is core to many of the solutions developed by Betta Lights.

We strongly believe that:

  • Education is everything, and to read brings knowledge. But, without a clean and quality home light, this is not possible.
  • Without clean energy, without light, communities sink into darkness. Communities suffering from energy poverty will not excel, however poverty and crime will thrive in such communities
  • Access to clean quality light is a basic right!

Company and Products 

Featured product Betta POS Power Pack

The first Betta low cost housing solar light solution was developed over a period of 3 years. After intensive tests in the diverse climatic conditions of Southern Africa, the product was released for sales.Betta Lights was founded in 2007 in South Africa. Our business today extends into many countries in Africa and across the globe.

From these tests and experience, all our unique solar powered solutions share a common design philosophy, with the key drivers being Quality, Longevity and Performance: 

  • Plug and Play solutions as far as possible, making for easy DIY installations
  • Rugged designs to withstand the tough rural environments and requiring little maintenance and low maintenance skills and capacity
  • All components can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 C to +65 C
  • The batteries should provide for a minimum of 3 days’ energy usage, ensuring sufficient and accessible energy back-up
  • Use lead crystal batteries that are green, have a 7 years expected life, can withstand -40 C to +65 C, and function even in 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) conditions

Betta Lights’ solar product range includes:

  • Solar Home Lightning Systems
  • Solar Security Lights
  • Solar Streetlights
  • Solar Décor and Partway Lights
  • Solar Power Packs
    • for smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and peripherals
    • for low energy usage in-door appliances
    • for sanitation solutions
  • Long life LED bulbs for extreme environments

Energy Poverty in our Market 

Energy poverty in Africa and other under-developed countries worldwide is a reality, ever widening the poverty gap. To bridge this gap, innovative, unique technologies combined with social investment, grants, government support programmes and the corporate world’s involvement is required, in a team effort.


  • About two billion people globally live without electricity
  • One third of humanity does not have the privilege of house lighting
  • In South Africa about 30% of the population live off the electricity grid
  • Rural people spend around 30% of their (typically very low) income on fuel-based lighting
  • Fuel-based lighting exposes the poorest families to health risks and fire hazards
  • Most cities in Africa are exposed to unreliable on-grid electricity. In some cases grid power is not available for as many as 100 days per year.

The solution:

  • Use the free energy provided by the sun


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